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                Human Stupidity 

    The search for terrestrial


    Artificial and Natural Intelligence, Psychology,            Political Science, Computer Science, Behavioral                                Science and UFOs. 

If you have ever wondered how computers work, this book explains in simple layman's terms how the most important computer you will ever own works - your brain. This is the first book that actually explains how thought is produced.    

This book is about how the brain produces thought, thinking and any intelligence that may occur from those processes. I begin by defining what intelligence actually is and in doing so define stupidity at the same time. I include some moral advice for the intellectually challenged so that they have a chance to be smart which I demonstrate is definitely a choice.

Then I provide a doable mechanism for creating human level intelligence in a machine.

I have read many other authors who made basically the same claims as I do above but fall agonizingly short of any real explanation. Anyone reading my book will come to the realization that my claim is not bull crap by any stretch of the imagination. This book is a solid lay person explanation for the exact mechanism the brain uses to produce thought.

I then proceed with the socioeconomic history of humanity. I connect the puzzling actions of humans who have tried to control others and killed millions of their fellow human beings; to the computer we call the brain.


This book provides an understandable reason for every war that has ever plagued humanity. The reason is inborn human emotions. Some are good, some are bad, some are necessary at times but they all can cause problems, especially when some of us get distorted versions in our mother’s womb.

                                      Who should read this book?

This book is not for hard core liberals, socialists, progressives and communists. Those people will hate this book. This book is for people who believe in conservative principals and small government. It is also for anyone who is honest about the reasons for why they believe in their ideology.  You may have been brainwashed but if you are smart you should see through that. It's easy. Just look at who is telling the most lies. This is not easy to do in a country where the majority of the news media lies on a consistent basis. This requires some research and that is work while watching MSNBC is easy. MSNBC is slanted in one direction, the liberal direction. Being smart is more work than being stupid, that should be self-evident.


So if you believe that the liberal way to do things is the best way then you don't know history and you are generally uninformed.  You are violating one of the main rules of being smart: Acting with insufficient or flawed background information.  If I had to summarize what makes communists and their ilk (progressives, liberals, fascists) stupid it would simply be that they believe it is possible to squeeze blood out of a turnip. It’s pretty much that simple. Rich people only have so much to give and if they get raped, they can't give poor people jobs. It's just that simple.

                               Why conservatives need to read this book

 “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”
― Sun Tzu: The Art of War

                                                     Human Stupidity The Search for Terrestrial Intelligence






The sheer quantity of human stupidity present in today’s world is astonishing and astounding. Because of his fact, I felt the need to clarify and define what humans label as stupidity. This book is a philosophical and logical view of what comprises stupidity as well as how it has shaped humankind’s past and the effect it will have on our future. It could be easily argued and proven that stupidity is the cause of all of humankind’s problems, past and present. I cannot imagine why anyone would argue that point because this statement qualifies for the level of axiom.


It follows and could be argued and proven that the cure for all of humanity’s problems could be as simple as eliminating stupidity. This begs the question: Is it possible to completely eliminate stupidity? I believe some stupidity can be cured but I doubt if all can. Even a small percentage of cured stupidity would be an enormous improvement over no improvement at all. I believe the only caveat for a cure in the curable population are that a few basic simple rules are followed which I cover extensively here. Also, there is a very real and highly probable chance that strong artificial intelligence will be developed at some point and that will lead to a complete understanding of everything, including our own stupidity. Curing any problem requires a complete understanding of that problem first. In that regard; I believe it is possible.


Throughout this book, I present my theories for what comprises human intelligence and how stupidity is usually the result of humans not adhering to a few basic rules. If we really do have “free will”, then everything I am suggesting here is possible. If we really don’t have free will, then things will probably never improve. I believe we do have free will (we would not have survived without it) but underlying forces are great and they are very difficult if not impossible to conquer. Brainwashing works and we are all brainwashed to some extent throughout our lives.


There are three basic hypotheses that I intend to argue for in this book and I elaborate on each of these following my list:


1. The current definition of what intelligence is; is categorically wrong

2. Intelligence is the driving force and impetus behind all human actions

3. The brain produces intelligence with a specific architecture of memory access

     (Intelligence is storage enabled and dependent)


                                    Current definitions of intelligence are wrong


Intelligence and it follows the reciprocal of intelligence; stupidity, is something much different from the currently held paradigm. Many self-proclaimed experts in the field of human intelligence seem to believe that intelligence can be identified by using a set of metrics, such as the so called “IQ test”. My belief is that notion is naïve and an oversimplification of a super complex subject. Some of the currently used metrics in IQ testing include knowledge acquired pertaining to sets of subjects which specific individuals have been exposed to and this does not identify intelligence.


Other currently believed metrics are being able to spell and the proper use of grammar in any one particular language, the ability to master different languages and last but certainly not least; math skills. Ability to acquire mathematics prowess is universally accepted as being a sort of Holy Grail of intelligence. I argue that intelligence is a much more complex process than the current metrics are capable of defining.


                                    Intelligence is the main driver of human action


Intelligence is the single most important driving force behind human psychology. In other words, it is not sex, money, power, status, etc. that drives the human condition. It is intelligence, because without intelligence none of the previously mentioned supposed driving forces are possible. I believe intelligence is the ultimate survival tool and survival is the key to understanding why intelligence trumps all the currently accepted drivers. Humans are programed to place a very high value on intelligence, and I believe this is due to survival causing that appreciation. Smart people had much higher probabilities for survival in the early stages of human development. Intelligence is the reason people will congregate together in clubs and other social activities. We either want to demonstrate or compare our own intelligence to others or we want to learn from others so we may become smarter.


Intelligence is possible only because of storage


The brain produces intelligence by means of a very specific architecture of storage utilization. In other words, the uniform processing of information, which enables intelligence, is only possible due to the systematic storage and retrieval of that information. Humans know how memory systems work in the machines we create which requires a “table of contents”, “a directory”, “a registry” or some method of logging the identity and location at storage time and then referring to that “log” at retrieval time to locate stored information for present use.


We will see that nature in its unending simplicity does things in a different manner than the machines humans have designed. There are no such things as directories or tables of content in the brain so there has to be another way to locate stored information. The method the brain uses to locate information is the key to understanding how intelligence is produced and how thinking is enabled. Intelligence is made possible by storage and that storage in composed of two important parts. One part is the structure or architecture (information pathways) and the other part is the vast amount of storage available in the human brain.


Chapter summaries


Chapter 1 – Intelligence and Stupidity defined


I shall demonstrate that the commonly held belief systems of intelligence (and it’s reciprocal; stupidity) are not necessarily true. In fact, I will argue that none of the commonly accepted metrics really mean anything when it comes to true intelligence. If during the course of interaction with the educational system, you were deemed to be “below average”; you just may be in for a big surprise. You may be way smarter than you think! Conversely this means that some people may not be as smart as they think they are. There are also many people who “get the idea” that they are smart simply because they have completed some educational program. This is wishful thinking because just learning what is already known does not demonstrate high intelligence. I present a hypothesis of what intelligence actually is. This is necessary, if we are to understand stupidity.


I break intelligence down into what I think are its fundamental parts as experienced by humanity from its very beginning. The methodology we used as a species to survive in our early times is just as important in understanding our present level of intelligence as is learning European history in an American history class. We need to get a full picture of the evolution of intelligence, because in order to understand the present, we need a full picture of the past.


This is by no means, a testimonial to the theory of evolution. Whatever evolving of the brain architecture that took place was already completed by the time humans began the evolution of our intelligence. To the best of my knowledge, we are not much different brain hardware wise than we were fifty thousand years ago. This is what anthropologists tell us anyway. To find out what makes intelligence the important survival tool and that in turn gives rise to the human appreciation of intelligence (covered in Chapter 5), read this chapter.


Chapter 2 – Spiritual and Intellectual Enlightenment


This chapter posits the importance of morality in the processing of intelligence and how this keeps stupidity at bay. Want to be smarter? Just be honest! Find out why this is so important as well as many other morality based concepts. These concepts prove that being stupid is a sometimes definite choice and it can be entirely up to you whether you are stupid or smart! Additional topics include: Is there really such a thing as “good” or “evil”? Can truly “evil” people ever be truly “smart”? This chapter is all about making the most of the brain architecture that you were born with. Stated another way, no matter how your brain is wired, save for individuals who have had brain trauma or were born with defects of some type, the vast majority of humans can be smart just by changing the attitude they have. Perhaps Albert Einstein’s brain was different from 99% of all other humans but he could have very easily wasted that power with a bad attitude. Read this chapter and find out why.


Chapter 3 – The Brain


This chapter attempts to explain how the brain possibly produces intelligence through the structure or architecture that we should all be born with. I start off with some classic neuroscience explanations of cognitive processes and detail the operation of several human capabilities such as vision and hearing. Then I submit my idea of the human memory structure and posit that it is this structure that enables all of the factors of intelligence. I also present some comparisons to the human computer (the brain) and human-made computers. This comparison should shed light on the capabilities of the brain. I also attempt to explain the various theories of consciousness as well as what it really is, along with its many possible purposes.


Chapter 4 – The Mystery of thought


In this chapter, I present what I believe is an understandable and logical hypothesis for how the brain produces thought. I have been disappointed by many claims for doing this in many other writings because the explanation presented in those writings was in fact; no explanation at all. So far in every book I have read on how the brain produces thought, the authors claim to explain this key feature of intelligence but fall agonizingly short to the point where all of these so-called explanations could be categorized as pure nonsense. I hope to change that here. My explanation of thought will simultaneously provide an explanation of how the brain produces intelligence.


I continue my presentation with what I believe are the fundamental modes of thought and I attempt to provide the reader with a basic understanding of the historical uses for these modes as well as how modern humans combine the primitive with the advanced. The advanced mode is language thought and I hope my explanation is adequate to establish at least a perfunctory understanding. In any case, the reader should be enlightened to begin pondering these topics and if I accomplish that I will have done my job. The difficult aspect of understanding language thought is the part about understanding. This may be further clarified in the next chapter when I apply the principals established here to an artificial version which should possess the attribution of understanding.


Chapter 5 – Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence


This chapter covers some of the main concentrations of computer science and how they relate to artificial intelligence (a concentration by itself). I present a view of this science major in terms of how the different concentrations could possibly contribute to the development of strong AI (Human level Artificial Intelligence). I call this RAI for Real Artificial Intelligence. RAI does not need to be the “darling” of computer science as most academics believe without question. It could have just as easily been adopted by computer engineers and my belief is that that particular group would be better suited to actually produce strong AI. This belief is based on my assertion that intelligence is solely enabled by the hardware architecture of the brain as I discuss in chapter 3.


I also believe that a revolution in computer architecture is bound to occur at some future date and that will most likely come about due to researchers in AI dabbling in architectures much different from the currently accepted paradigm which is the Von Neumann architecture used in all PCs, Macs and super computers. I believe they will do that in an attempt to mimic the human brain and the center of that new architecture will be optical based memory systems, replacing the RAM currently used along with an entirely different supporting architecture. I will present my belief on how AI will proceed to develop in the near future and what the possibilities are for RAI in the not so distant future. Will machines ever possess the ability to think? Will machines eventually consider us non-essential and decide that they don’t need us? Read chapter 5 to find out these and many other topics.





Chapter 6 – Social implications of stupidity


One of the three main hypotheses that I present in this writing is that intelligence is the main driving impetus for all of humanities’ actions. I should clarify at this point that it is not intelligence itself that is the main impetus for all human action but the desire to be deemed intelligent by one’s peers and contemporaries. Questions like, “why have millions of people died in the name of a political system known as communism?” beg to be answered.


I believe that in order to find that answer, we only need to look at the root cause, the main impetus for all human action: The desire to be recognized as being intelligent. I believe survival is the key element in understanding why intelligence is deemed as the most important of all human attributes. I believe the smartest people were considered the most valuable in the group for survival in early human development and that instinct is present in modern humans and has been present since the beginning of human existence. There are two aspects of the human desire to place a high value on high intelligence. One is the desire of all humans to be deemed as highly intelligent. The other is the human trait of comparing your intelligence to all other members in the group, which is an attempt to identify the hierarchy of intelligence levels within that group. Thus, I have coined the acronyms IRD, for Intelligence Recognition Desire and ICP for Intelligence Comparison Phenomenon.


Of course it follows that in order for one to be deemed intelligent there must be some “track record”, some “accomplishment” if you will; that will identify the human who desires to be known as being very smart. I attempt to make a point that intelligence is the single most important factor in how we relate to and interact with other humans. Many of the beliefs and actions of people in all areas of the world and in all walks of life make no sense unless those beliefs and actions are viewed through the lens of IRD and ICP. I will supply the reader with numerous examples to prove this hypothesis.


It is a well-known fact that the bastions of liberalism are contained in Hollywood, academics and at least 3/4 of the media in the United States. I have no doubt that there are similar statistics in other parts of the developed “free world” but I limit my discussion to my country. One does not need to be considered to be a member of the “genius club” to recognize what these three groups have in common. I will “let the cat out of the bag” just in case you’re not following me here. They all have positions in which they are watched and are judged by many other humans on a regular basis. In fact, they all chose those positions for some reason and so it follows it is not much of a stretch of the imagination to believe that IRD was a big factor in their career choice. Liberals, socialists and communists all have one thing in common. They see themselves as “creators” of some grand utopia, a heaven on earth, where there is no crime, no hunger, and no wants of any kind. Everything is just “nicey, nicey” all the time, about everything.


The common misconception about communism was that it was invented by Karl Marx in the 1860s. Nothing could be further from the truth because the idea of promoting one’s own intelligence through IRD probably goes back to when people were first able to think about promoting themselves as smart. This is common thought with communists; “See this wonderful idea I have? Everyone will be happy and everything will be just wonderful!! And the best part is: I will be deemed as being very smart because of my ideas!”

Chapter 7 – The medical profession


In this chapter I expose the medical profession who are in reality controlled by medical academics. I believe this profession is partly responsible for epidemic proportion disease in the world today. The reason this is so is because medical doctors suffer from the same intelligence related drives as the rest of us. It appears that the one group who is responsible for the health and well-being of us all has basically dropped the ball. I explain the reason why the main methodology used to diagnose disease is flawed.


Chapter 8 – UFOs


This chapter describes how what may be the most important issue for humankind has turned into a three ring circus complete with a bunch of clowns getting stuffed into a car the size of a roller skate. What should be a serious topic for scientific investigation, has morphed into the modern day adult boogie man. I personally have had four UFO sightings and I describe each in detail here. I also explain my views about the so called government cover-up and the phenomenon known as “Alien Abduction”. I explain why the subject of UFOs is a glaring example of human stupidity, expressed in two basic paradigms, science and the “tin foil hat crowd”. The UFO topic is probably the largest single glaring example of a human capacity for stupidity and that is the big reason why it is here. I also list a denial of the existence of UFOs as a big stupidity indicator. Find out why and read chapter 8.


Chapter 9 - How to identify stupid people


In Chapter 2, I describe how anyone can be smarter simply by changing a few personality traits. In Chapter 3, I describe the role of the brain in producing intelligence. So, perhaps we are not all born with a brain like Albert Einstein (I am certainly not), but we certainly can change our personality, if we really want to and that will help us become smarter. The thing is; what about all the stupid people who have not read this book? We need a few basic guidelines to assist us in determining who or what we are dealing with. I present some basic ideas on how to spot stupid people. This is a survival guidebook for the smart floating in a sea of stupidity. Consider chapter 9 as a “guide through stupid land”.


 Chapter 10 – The Future


This chapter predicts what the future may hold for humankind. If we stay on our present course things don’t look that great. We don’t have an unlimited amount of time to figure the big problems out. We must invent RAI. This is my argument for the attempt at developing human level intelligence and beyond. What will the future hold for mankind if we stay on the present course to stupidity and what can be done to change our course to high intelligence? For a prediction of the real future, read chapter 10.


Frank Scurio, June 15 2016

                                          Table of Contents


Forward – The purpose of me writing this - Page 1


Abstract – A fitting description of the entire book - page 3


Chapter One – Intelligence and stupidity defined - page 9


Chapter Two – Intellectual and spiritual enlightenment – page 23


Chapter Three – The brain - page 37


Chapter Four – The mystery of thought – page 69


Chapter Five – Computer Science and AI – page 93


Chapter Six – Social Implications of stupidity – page 121


Chapter Seven – The medical profession – page 153


Chapter Eight – UFOs – page 179


Chapter Nine – How to identify stupid people – page 199


Chapter Ten – The future – page 211


Epilog - 219


References by Chapter – 223


Appendix - topic in chapter denoted as (A-1), (A-2), (A-3) - 229


Index - 231

Normal Distribution Lecture

  The ETS subject matter test in computer science


In the welcome to my website video, I stated that I would explain why I didn’t complete the PhD program I was in.


There are two reasons, either of which could have been a cause for failure. The first reason was my dissertation subject. Since I choose artificial intelligence as a concentration, I decided to pursue some of the ideas I have been contemplating over the course of many years.


One idea was that the nature of the phenomenon we call “consciousness” was purely physical with no algorithmic component at all. This concept is covered extensively in the book and I believe I provide a better than adequate proof for my hypothesis of a physical consciousness. I presented my idea to my dissertation sponsor who was also my artificial intelligence professor. His opinion was that consciousness is totally algorithmic. In the situations one finds oneself in during the educational processes we have here in this country, one will begin to realize that sometimes “the deck is stacked against you”. In this case the cards in the deck said my idea was nonsense so don’t even bother.


My professor was telling me that the jury had finished deliberation and the verdict was in. Consciousness is purely algorithmic, when in fact no such verdict exists. The jury is actually still out because there are several neuroscience theories and none have been proven or to the best of my knowledge has anyone even bothered to attempt to prove one theory over another. This is a stalemate that I have broken in this book because I prove it has to be physical. I don’t profess to know the exact mechanism behind consciousness but at least I have proven in the book its’ basic structure. It’s physical.


Another part of my planned dissertation was that since consciousness is physical it would require some very unique programming to emulate a physical model from a purely algorithmic model. The programming would need to be so specifically planned and thought out, we would need to consider whether aliens had indeed programmed us at some point in our past. Of course I don’t believe that and the reason I don’t believe it is because the odds are very much opposed to it and nature never is complex on the lower levels.


So in summary, I was a PhD student with no dissertation topic. I don’t get that many brilliant ideas for me to just throw them away. So I had to start over and as it turned out it contributed to me be being dropped from the program because as the US dept. of education document states, an adviser can grant a student a pass if they fail the ETS test 3 times but are active in research or are just an extraordinary suck ass. I was active in research. I can’t help it if my professor sponsor didn’t agree with my hypothesis.  I never really came up with anything new after that because of health problems and a resultant leave of absence from the program.


ETS is an acronym for “Electronic Testing Systems” and this is a third party private company that for some totally incomprehensible reason has a total market share for a test that determines worldwide whether a PhD student will ever be granted the honor of graduation. All public schools in the United States and most developed countries in the rest of the world now require that this test be passed before the student can proceed. To most people this sounds reasonable. We want knowledgeable people to be the PhD’s of the world and so this should be a good thing; require everyone pass a very stringent test. Right? Isn’t that the way it should be? Well, not so much as the reader will see.


My first attempt at taking this test was like I had gone to a foreign country and without so much as a translation guide, was given a test in Polish when not only do I not speak or read Polish, I don’t speak or read any other language besides my native tongue, English. That’s what it felt like. The questions were so vague and so disjointed, I could not understand what they were asking me. The multiple choice answers were not any clearer. Needless to say, I bombed the first test. Of course the outcome of the second test was no different. I didn’t have a snowball chance in hell of passing that test. I got the lowest score of anyone during the time period in which I took it.


Every one of my classmates said the same thing about that test. It was insane. It was like the test taker had to learn a new language to just be able to read the questions and the multiple answers. I decided to get the US Dept. of Education involved. The reason I decided to go to them was because it just happens to be their responsibility to see that US educational systems are not cheated in any way by the systems in other countries. This is their job. I appealed to them because in my opinion, this is not a test for people my age. I was 60 at the time. Through the documents I received grudgingly from US Dept. of Ed. Personnel, I found that no one over the age of 30 ever passed this test at my school and in the same time frame. That seemed pretty strange to me since people like me who have been out in industry for years would be at a big disadvantage over the young people right out of school.


There are also the rumors of things like “The China Cheaters”. This is a name that students at UIC were using to describe the conditions in China where cottage industries were beginning to pop up in the form of “subject matter in computer science test training services". The rumor was that people with money were paying people with known photographic memories to take the test, and memorize small portions which they would write down immediately after leaving the room. There is also nothing to prevent a test taker from just getting up and leaving before allowed time is up.


So in essence, what was happening was these “companies” were paying individuals to build a knowledge base of the types of questions given on the test.  Then, the hieroglyphics of the questions and answers could be deciphered at leisure and subsequently taught to future test takers. The clients of this service would learn the crazy language of the crazy test writers and at the same time get a feel for what kinds of questions were asked.


Why should Americans care about the China cheaters? How about this? Who benefits from a large number of people being awarded PhDs in highly technical fields such as computer science? In the case of the China cheaters, of course, it is China that benefits. They have these PhD holders go all over the world and work for universities and they in turn send money back to China to support their families. They also probably get taxed by China, no matter where they live. American PhD holders are impacted because there are now more PhD holders and that should affect wages for that level of education. The topic of the H1-B visa is also at play here and anyone with a degree in computer science will tell you that foriegn competition has made it nearly impossible for a technical degree holder to find employment. 


America is not better off because of the stupid decision of American public universities to adopt the test as a pre-requisite for graduation with a PhD. This must have been enacted through some type agreement or treaty and I would not doubt the UN had something to do with it. It weakens American technology because American students have to pass it the old fashioned way. They need to study their butts off. Even that doesn’t do the trick for many American students and America loses another possible smart PhD holder with each test failure. The students in China have a big advantage because the government looks the other way and they have to know what’s going on. If that were tried here, ETS could go after the companies doing that in a legal fashion.


Another disturbing fact is the many foreign students who are able to obtain most of the teaching assistant positions. They get a portion of their tuition paid for by working for a professor. This is also called being a “suck ass” in the world of employment and I’m sure everyone knows exactly what I’m talking about here. These are the young people who basically live at the computer science department, belong to all the “clicky” clubs and generally act like the big brown noses they are. If you read page up to page 5 of the document from the US Dept. of Education, you will see that there were many students who were given a pass even though they didn’t pass the test 3 times. The pass they were given is totally based on one professor who basically vouched for them because as I said they did a lot of work for the professor in question and they were in essence big suck asses.


So to summarize, the institutions of higher learning in this country are dismissing over half of the students who are pursuing a PhD in computer science because the USA has made some kind of deal, treaty, bargain or whatever you want to call it with the rest of the world. The ETS subject test in computer science is usually passed by young people, generally in their 30s or less. The students who have the best chance at passing this joke of a test are the students who hold down teaching assistant type positions and basically live full time in the computer science department. It is more cronyism at work in determining who gets a pass than it is worthiness on the part of the student.


I didn’t and could never pass that stupid test mainly because one has to be networked with many other suck ass students as well as the professors they work for. I was an independent student who didn’t need to get my tuition paid, I had what is known as the “Illinois Veteran’s Grant”. As the old adage goes, “The proof is in the pudding”. My book is my proof that I know what I’m doing. I have done something all the big gurus have not been able to do. I have explained how the brain produces thought. I couldn’t pass the established big guru provided test which all the “experts” are able to pass. Some “experts” actually don’t pass it but are given a pass because they happen to be big suck asses to their professors. I couldn’t pass it but, paradoxically I have provided an explanation for thought and a way to create a human level machine.


Does this make any sense?

Official letter from Dept. of Ed. OCR

                   Welcome American Rifleman Magazine readers!!


I am proud to be an NRA life member and I am also proud that my book, Human Stupidity, The Search for Terrestrial Intelligence was reviewed by an NRA editorial staff for correctness. The fact that my book is advertised in the American Rifleman means it has been vetted by people knowledgeable in the Second Amendment. They would not accept my ad without a review.


I have written this book so anyone with a grade school education (must know how to read at least) can understand what have been very complex subjects, until now. I did this so that we can all come to the conclusion that intelligence is almost all a result of attitude. In other words smart people are smart because they have a different attitude than stupid people do. The reason this is important is because we all need to be honest about our knowledge and abilities. We also cannot use our perceived inherited stupidity as an excuse for us failing at anything. We are stupid because of our own attitude, not because of something god did to us. This will also help us understand people like Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. We need to understand our enemy and she is our enemy. Want to find out if someone is stupid? Just note the number of lies they tell. The left are the biggest collection of liars and therefore stupid people in the world.


Once the reader understands the role our attitude plays, I begin to apply what I have just taught the reader to real world examples. For example, anyone who believes gun control laws work, can be summarily admitted to the stupid club simply because of the many laws of intelligence that person broke to arrive at that conclusion. Liberalism is a political ideology that wants to eliminate ALL guns from the hands of private citizens. The last election demonstrates that for the time being the majority of counties (land area) does not want socialism and things like gun control. So we are safe from the evils of socialism and our guns are safe. Right?


Maybe for the time being we are safe. Ronald Reagan said that freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. I believe he was right 100%. The fact that the left is acting like they are all crazy since Donald Trump became president, tells a story of sociopathic behavior that is easy to spot. It’s easy to spot if you know what to look for and this book explains it in detail.


Anyone interested in the United States of America remaining a free place that does not turn into the world’s worse oppressive dictatorship; should be concerned about the evil forces at work at this very moment to make that happen. This is no joke. This is for real. There are people we have elected to important positions in our government, such as Senators and Congressmen who believe in socialism and want a repeal of the Second Amendment. Stupidity is near sighted and these stupid public servants have no idea what this will do to the country in future years. Don’t say it can’t happen, because it can. Once an oppressive system is in place, forget about getting rid of it, especially if the people were disarmed. We may be free but what about your grand kids? I hope we all care about them as much as someone cared about us when we were children.


Gun owners who are concerned with the CONTINUING freedom of the United States needs to read this book. It is as much a warning as it is a cure for stupidity ruling the world. I cite many examples of U.S. Government overreach and the small details that the media conveniently omitted when the storys broke. The public still is misinformed about the Branch Davidians at Waco. I cover that and more to make my point that we cannot trust the government. The founding fathers told us that a couple hundred years ago and as it turns out they are right again.

Some folks may have a hard time with chapters 3 and 4. It's not entirely necessary to read those two chapters but the total picture of how people think will not be as clear. The rest of the book can be easily understood on its own. 


Thanks for stopping by,


Frank Scurio

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